At Studio IKO I apply three key elements:

Three-dimensional thinking - whether it is surface pattern or interior objects, there tends to be a 3D element to the design

Individualism - thriving on creating one-off items, for you to feel special that you own the only item or collection like that

Personalisation - designs and colour palettes can be customised to your individual requirements


At Studio IKO making is as important as designing.  Hence many of the design concepts have been turned into products for interiors.

My preferred materials are of a structural and organic nature, like wood, wool and leather.  Alternatively, I recycle fabrics and materials into products or use them in workshops, instead of throwing them away.

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  • wallhanging with diamond
  • table
  • cybernova
  • chandelier
  • cushion 1b small
    • tea or coffee floor 3 urban outfitters
    • cybernova shop 2
    • laque noir cabinet
    • laque noir D1-bathroom1
    • table 2 BTP

      Design Concepts

      Studio IKO's existing design concepts evolved from a variety of sources:

      • juxtaposed shapes in the kaleidoscope
      • pictures of fractal design ideas
      • the Golden Ratio's relation to a world-wide known logo


      All Visualisations


      Studio IKO is happy to consider any design commissions.  Past commissions include

      • personalised Cafe chairs
      • custom upholstery
      • corporate t-shirts 


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